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Stuart Blance - Solo Artist 21 January 2001
stuart blance
live at the Twa Tams - Perth.

Happy New Year to one and all.
Here's hoping for continuing success in the new year.

Final Mixes of new song "Coming on up" complete and first mix
available for free download at
Radio edit available soon at

For details please follow link to song via my music link on main page.
Final mix of Groovy People posted to, well worth listening to
Available for free download at
Feedback in local area has so far been amazing, have had people coming up to me
singing the lyrics to me and asking for copies
Apparently it is the most requested song to come out of clearwater studios yet
another local band has asked if they can do a remix of it, so will be working with Pacman3 on that soon
Have sent cd off for consideration of various radio stations, hopefully
will have some good feedback in the New Year.

Had confirmation from radio one that cd received, therefor if enough people were to
request either of the above mentioned songs for airplay I may have a better
chance of receiving such airplay.
Please e mail

Currently playlisted on Radio, which is a new show
which has been put together by DJ Alan Dawson, and is a very good site
with some excellent new artists to discover.
Follow link below to check it out

Click here to check out recent review by muzikman (respected American reviewer) Muzicman

Stuart is also currently playlisted on Radio Milo in Leopold,Belgium
to an audience of 200,000.

listen to song - Utopia

Listen to song - Slower than the flow
Slower than the flow
Listen to song - Memories