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Burnout - Acoustic based, haunting and melodic. Reminiscent of early Bowie, Dylan

Just released on


Coming on up - Upbeat/radio friendly song about the increase in my self confidence.

Previously no 5 on UKsounds.

Reminiscent of Primal Scream, Rolling Stones. Electric guitar based, one of my latest recordings.

Recorded at Clearwater Studios Perth.


Memories - Acoustic based, easy listening, strong and uplifting

(Currently re-recording) (Previously number 5 in chart)


Utopia - This was the first song I wrote, again acoustic based, but backed by Hammond organ

strong but slightly overproduced(re-recording)


Slower than the flow - Powerful/emotive song about taking your time to look around

and helping others less fortunate. Acoustic based - (currently re-recording)

(Previously number 2 in chart)


Music streamed in WMA format, require Windows media player 7

and Explorer5.

Alternatively go to