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Stuart Blance - Solo Artist 16 May 2000
live at the Twa Tams - Perth.

Currently in the process of remixing Slower than the flow, Utopia, and memories,
work is under way, and they are sounding excellent
will let you know when work is complete.

Stuart has recently had his music broadcast on 2 seperate
internet based radio shows one is called
Waking up the neighbours, the other is Artist Launch(premier artist show)
, alongside some other quality unsigned music,
both shows are Well worth checking out.
Broadcasts for W.U.T.N.are on Thursdays from 8pm
and for Artist Launch Wednesdays For more details follow the link below.
to Waking up the Neighbours

Stuart was Vitaminic artist of the week recently on music 365
Click here to check out recent review by muzikman (respected American reviewer)

Stuart's gig supporting Buddha Crush on 25 March 2000
went down very well, more gigs to follow soon.

listen to song - Utopia

Listen to song - Slower than the flow
Slower than the flow
Listen to song - Memories

radio1 session unsigned

Mind over management

BURBs - British Underground Rock Bands
BURBs - British Underground Rock Bands