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Stuart Blance - Solo Artist 4 March 2001
stuart blance
live at the Twa Tams - Perth.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but have been very busy at Perth college,
where I am currently studying
Rock music studies, with vocals as my main study.

Played a short support slot at the Beinn inn in Glenfarg, nice venue
great audience, you could hear a pin drop while I was playing
which was nice.
I was supporting Jamie Marshall who had come up from London
to play, Will be booking more gigs this year, have a few possibilities in the pipeline
will keep you informed.

Have booked serious ammounts of studio time in Perths new Clearwater studios
so plan to attempt to put my first album together which am going to try to obtain
distribution via a digital distribution company called OD2( was co founded
by one of my favourite artists, Peter Gabriel.
Will also be creating an e commerce website, so album should be available
for sale here also.

Had confirmation from radio one that cd received, therefor if enough people were to
request either of the above mentioned songs for airplay I may have a better
chance of receiving such airplay.
Please e mail

Thats all my news for now, will keep you informed how the recording is going
and maybe even give you a few previews if I can figure out how to stream audio here.
will try to keep the site more up to date in the future.

take care

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Stuart is currently playlisted on Radio Milo in Leopold,Belgium
to an audience of 200,000.

listen to song - Utopia

Listen to song - Slower than the flow
Slower than the flow
Listen to song - Memories