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Have recently taken on the role of Scottish co-ordinator for One World Beat - a worldwide music event to raise money and awareness for children with aids.

The events are to be hosted at venues throughout the world during the period 19-21 March 2004.

I personally got involved because I wanted to do something good with the knowledge I have gained from being a musician, utilising contacts I have made through bands, venues and promoters it is my intention to put Scottish music and Scotland as a whole in the spotlight within this world music event.

and why not, Scotland has a wealth of talent in varying styles.

If you are a band, venue, promoter, or whatever else you may be and feel you can contribute to this very worth cause in any way please contact me. Would love any help in arranging as many gigs as possible and filling the venues with bands of varying styles and standards.

So far have 3 days booked at Twa Tams in Perth - artists confirmed so far are Stuart Blance, Little Buddha(previously bedhead) and possibly Quinn. Have also had a willingness but not yet a conformation from three excellent local punk bands, PMX, Dirtbox and Mexico.

Also organising a traditional event with the help of a very talented young piper, Fiona McConnochie, more details on this to follow soon, should be good if it all pans out the way it seems to be, will probably be hosted in Glasgow.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

would appreciate any assistance

Thank you

Stuart Blance

Scottish coordinator



Events So Far

Perth - Twa Tams - 19,20,21 March

Edinburgh - Caledonian Backpackers 20 March - Organsed by Baby Tiger Promotions. featuring Diwan, Calvin, Q Without U plus Departure Lounge DJ's Astroboy and Mr Zimbabwe.

Glasgow - Event being organised by Roddy Macleod at the National Piping Centre.

Kirkcaldy - Candle Rooms 21 March - Organised by excellent local band Little Buddha, possibility of me playing there too.

other news

Scottish label - Travelled Music have agreed to donate 50 Pence per copy from the sale of their 3 peice band Ordinaryson's forthcoming EP 'Without You' . more