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O.K. Hands up who remembers "We’ve got a …FUZZBOX… and we’re gonna use it!!"? Come on now, don’t be shy!

The four young girls were dragged out of school screaming (with joy) and thrown into the international pop arena.

These original queens of ‘girl power’ were & will be the role models for all other followers for years to come.

Well… good news guys! ViX, the voice, face …and navel of the band is BACK!!

Since those heady days of "Rules & Regulations", "International Rescue" & "Pink Sunshine" ViX has been taking time out from that crazy world that is rock ‘n’ roll script-writing and presenting for TV, Radio & the Net.

Watching the latest thangs come & go… she now feels that the time is ripe for the world, the universe even, to get a ViX fix!

She’s bolder, badder & better than ever & is R.A.W. (ready, able & willing) to knock you cotton socks off well into the 21st Century and beyond…

With serious record label interest & film soundtrack work a-go-go 2001 promises to be a bostin’ year for ViX.

Not only will she excite her die-hard fans by her long-awaited return (Boy! are they in for a pleasant surprise!) but also reclaim her rightful place in the weird & wonderful world of music.

So what does ViX’s solo stuff sound like? I hear you cry…

Well, ViX’s vocal, lyrical & musical style has matured a great deal without losing any of that genuine feeling, attitude & ‘tongue-placed-firmly-in-cheek’ humour that she is famous for.

The music is crossover music at it’s very best. Never has ethereal ideals and edgy attitude hung out so happily together!

Her voice has been compared to Kate Bush, Deborah Harry, Beth (of Portishead), Sarah McLachlan, Bonnie Raitt and Marilyn Monroe. Musically, comparisons have been drawn from Massive Attack, Mulu, Garbage, John Barry, Prince & Moloko.

With such daringly diverse influences you can see why ViX has no fears of being pigeonholed!

Credit for this creative collision/collaboration must also go to those cool, left field lounge lizards, The Jupiter Collision, co-producers & co-writers. The result is addictive, hypnotic, truly inspired & they are writing & recording in the studio right now, as we speak/chat! Yippeeee!!!

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