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  Stuart Blance

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Stuart Blance

"Stuart's demo starts off with the feeling of gentleness and emotional exhaustion

superbly reflected in the title of this first track Burnout, which is an isolated almostdespairing song which draws an emotional and almost heart wrenching reaction from the listener.

Then quite unexpectedly, he shocks the life back into you with an awesome felon number that is truly fabulous, entitled Coming on up. The vocals are absolutely brilliant on this number and are a big attribute to the songs superb structure. Track3, Groovy People is no dissappointment either, infact I think Stuart is the UK's answer to Beck, this guys talent is a most unusual mix which is hard to explain and pinpoint the reasons why his music is so clever but without doubt the vocals and strong songwriting are unique and appealing, inspiring interest in his originality. My only advice would be to change the order of the CD as track one gives the wrong immediate impression, as though that style continues throughout the demo. I'd put track two first then three then track one. Contact this fine young artist

on tel: 01738 560973 or 07970972992 and e mail him on"